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Riunite, The World’s Number One Lambrusco, Unveils the Riunite Lambrusco Spritz

In anticipation of National Lambrusco Day on June 21, an italian wine icon expands Lambrusco drinking by introducing a popular cocktail, embracing the slogan “Summer’s got a New Sip”. Riunite, the historical Italian wine brand, celebrated as the world’s number one Lambrusco, is proud to unveil its latest libation, the Riunite Lambrusco Spritz. As one of Italy’s pioneering brands recognized for bringing Italian wines to the forefront of the American market since the 1970’s, Riunite proudly launches a campaign showcasing a unique recipe, capturing the rising consumer enthusiasm of Spritz cocktails and an increasing appetite for low alcohol by volume (ABV) drinks.

The Riunite Lambrusco Spritz is composed of 1 part Riunite Lambrusco and 1 part sparkling wine, complemented by a splash of lemonade or a squeeze of lemon, served over ice and garnished with a vibrant lemon wheel.

Riunite, The World's Number One Lambrusco Italian wine brand, Unveils the popular cocktail Riunite Lambrusco Spritz

To highlight the unique cocktail Riunite will take to social media platforms with creative content, influencer collaborations, and expansive media campaigns, all unified under the banner slogan “Summer’s Got a New Sip”. The influencer collaborations feature two ambassadors based in key markets: Ashley Chukwu in Atlanta (@chewingwithchu) and Elle Rodriguez in Southern California (@themodernpour). Additionally, from June through September, Riunite will be executing a custom content media campaign with Thrillist, Eater, Locale and Atlanta Magazine.

With Lambrusco ranking as the 3rd best-selling Italian Red varietal in the U.S. according to Nielsen, Riunite is strategically positioned to capitalize on this growing trend with the introduction of the Riunite Lambrusco Spritz. Furthermore, as the top-selling Lambrusco globally, Riunite is solidifying its dominance in the market and position as a category leader with the launch of the Riunite Lambrusco Spritz. Additionally, featuring only 8% ABV, Riunite Lambrusco aligns perfectly with current consumer preferences for lighter, low-alcohol beverages.

“The introduction of the Riunite Lambrusco Spritz marks a new chapter for the brand, empowering Riunite to resonate with a dynamic consumer base intrigued not only by wine, but also by the evolving world of cocktails, stated Mina Belhaj Rouas, VP of Marketing and Trade Development at Frederick Wildman. “With its naturally low alcohol content and light, refreshing appeal, the Spritz arrives just in time for the seasonal change, offering a delightful alternative for those seeking both familiarity and innovation in their drink choices.”

With a legacy spanning over five decades in grape and wine production, Riunite has continuously demonstrated a commitment to both tradition and innovation. This new offering reflects Riunite’s pursuit of quality and adaptability, setting the standard for excellence in the wine industry and cementing its position as a beacon of Italian winemaking expertise worldwide.

About Riunite

Established in 1950, is an Italian wine brand rooted in collaboration and excellence. Originating from a coalition of 9 co-op wineries in the Province of Reggio Emilia, Riunite has grown into a global leader in grape and wine production. With over 1,450 families of winegrowers, 8 cooperative winemaking centers, and 4,600 hectares of vineyards, it processes 89,000 tons of grapes annually. Committed to sustainability and quality, Riunite’s portfolio represents a diverse range of varietals, including its renowned Lambrusco. Produced without added sugars, wines offer an approachable character and natural sweetness. In every bottle, Riunite invites you to savor the essence of Italian craftsmanship.