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Rosa dei Masi 2023: Masi’s Interpretation of the Rosé Renaissance

Masi (Hall 7 stand C3), a historic winery in Valpolicella renowned for its production of Amarone, presents its interpretation of the rosé renaissance: the Rosa dei Masi 2023, which will be unveiled internationally at the 2024 edition of Vinitaly.

Rosa dei Masi 2023 on stage at the 2024 edition of Vinitaly

The result of years of study by the Masi Technical Group – a team of experts in various disciplines, from oenology to marketing, constantly engaged in research and experimentation – the Rosa dei Masi is renewed in line with a rapidly evolving and growing global category. Thanks to a combination of winning factors such as the wine’s pleasantness and versatility, the sophistication of the packaging, and exceptional testimonials, today rosé wine is indeed positioned within the lifestyle sphere, becoming a true status symbol.

“As part of the responsibilities of a company like ours, innovation and the development of new products are essential, even by attenuating concepts usually foundational for winemakers such as territory, to focus on quality, sensory experience, and the lifestyle that wine represents,” explains Raffaele Boscaini, Marketing Director of Masi.

Rosa dei Masi 2023: Masi 's Interpretation of the Rosé Renaissance on stage at the 2024 edition of Vinitaly.

The new Rosa dei Masi moves precisely in this direction. It is produced with Merlot grapes from vineyards in the high Valpolicella, where the high thermal excursions produce incomparable aromas and sustained acidity. The work in the cellar has been focused on preserving aromas and balance to produce a unique rosé, with intense floral aromas, freshness, and pleasantness on the palate where hints of red fruits stand out, with pronounced notes of raspberry and a pleasant acidity. The beautiful pale pink color with salmon reflections and “onion skin” can be admired thanks to the transparent bottle and the small but refined label: the characteristic oval of Masi’s historic labels is enriched by a profusion of rose petals drawn with a light touch of ink, completing the message of lightness and delicacy.

The result is an excellent wine as an aperitif all year round and to be enjoyed by the pool or by the sea paired with shellfish, oysters, and seafood. Perfect with sushi as well as with a good plate of pasta with clams, it proves to be a surprising choice as a base for fruit cocktails.

Rosa dei Masi 2023: Masi 's Interpretation of the Rosé Renaissance on stage at the 2024 edition of Vinitaly.