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Sartori di Verona is the wine of the Arena di Verona until 2026

Sartori di Verona, one of the most historic and renowned wine producers of Valpolicella Classica, will be the Official Supplier of Fondazione Arena di Verona until 2026. The announcement of the renewal of the three-year partnership comes from Collis Heritage S.p.A., of which the Veronese brand has become part following the merger by incorporation of the historic company into Collis Veneto Wine Group in December 2023. The collaboration with exclusive merchandise for wines further consolidates a bond that has its roots in a twenty-year agreement with the aim of promoting cultural excellence and La Scala wine production in Italy and around the world.

“Our desire to give back to the territory intensifies even more with this three-year agreement signed with the Arena di Verona Foundation of which we are extremely proud,” declares Andrea Sartori, brand ambassador of Sartori di Verona. “We are deeply linked to our land and we believe that this collaboration represents a unique opportunity to promote not only our wines, but also the cultural and artistic heritage of Verona by sharing the beauty and excellence of Valpolicella with an international audience”.

Sartori di Verona: three-year partnership signed with Fondazione Arena di Verona, Regolo and Arnea enter the scene

For over a century, Sartori di Verona has been a story of commitment and passion for its land with a constant drive to make the most of it through its wines and projects aimed at “thanking” the city and its history; important projects such as support for the Verona Arena Foundation and the project to adopt the conservative maintenance of the statue of Cangrande della Scala.

The company’s deep bond with the territory and in particular with the Arena of Verona was born with the aim of promoting a cultural and commercial exchange that has enriched both parties since 2005, thanks to the creation of virtuous dynamics that are renewed and they strengthen over time.

This union continues today, after the merger by incorporation which saw Casa Sartori join Cantine Riondo to create Collis Heritage S.p.A. in December 2023.

Sartori di Verona is the wine of the Arena di Verona until 2026: three-year partnership signed, Regolo and Arnea enter the scene.

The wines that will accompany the dinners at the end of the “Prima” reserved for the singers and a select few guests and which will be tasted on all other official occasions created by the Arena di Verona Foundation, will be the winery’s flagship reds and whites.

During the festive evenings the protagonist will be Regolo, Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore emblem and icon of Sartori di Verona, and Arnea, Soave Spumante Brut born from the desire to create a sparkling wine from native grapes to offer to guests in the Arena and whose name is l ‘anagram of the Veronese amphitheater.

Pierluigi Guarise, CEO of the Parent Company, comments with satisfaction:

“The continuation of the partnership with the Arena di Verona Foundation for the next three years represents further testimony to the commitment of our Sartori di Verona brand in promoting local excellence, strengthening the link between the world of wine and that of art and demonstrating how tradition and innovation can go hand in hand in enhancing the territory”.