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Serena Wines 1881 is growing: target of 150 million euros in turnover within five years


The growth of Serena Wines 1881, a historic family business from Conegliano, does not stop. And once again, for what today is among the five largest and most representative companies in the area, as well as market leader in the production of Prosecco Doc and Docg, it is a sparkling growth in the name of bubbles. With the 2023 turnover reaching over 108 million euros, for a +4.5%. The last 12 months have been characterized by a very slight decline in volumes (-1.5%), especially in the Italian Horeca market, which however has not affected a trend that has remained positive with over 26.8 million 0.75 liter bottles sold. The performance in the drum segment was also good which, with 280,000 hl sold between steel and PET, recorded a +3% at the end of December. Here is what the trends of the Serena 1881, Ville d’Arfanta and Champagne de Vilmont brands were in 2023.

Serena Wines 1881 toasts the debut of the Soé cuvée and announces new products for 2024

Speaking of brands, the corporate portfolio of Serena Wines 1881 features, alongside the emblematic brand of Serena 1881 tradition and the line linked to the Ville d’Arfanta estate and its hospitality, the project dedicated to the fine French bubbles Champagne de Vilmont, which with 40,000 bottles sold between Italy and Europe confirms itself as an increasingly appreciated product.

On the foreign front, the improvement in perception and the valorisation of the bottled offering at an international level continue. This is demonstrated by the six new markets conquered by the Conegliano company in 2023: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Iceland and Portugal. But what also brought good news to Serena Wines 1881 was the consolidation of the historical markets: France, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine, the latter despite the current historical and political situation. Finally, it is worth mentioning the new commercial projects signed to approach the USA and the UK, each with the aim of introducing half a million branded bottles within three and five years respectively.

As regards the best performance products of the year just ended, in first place we find the Bianco Frizzante Più under the Serena 1881 brand which has had excellent results especially in the German and Austrian markets, followed by the new cuvée Soé with 80,000 bottles sold in just one year to the Italian Horeca segment. However, it is the Prosecco Superiore Docg Brut signed by Ville d’Arfanta that closes the podium, with a constant growth that goes against the trend compared to the negative trends recorded by the Consortium.

“2024 will certainly be a year of growth and new projects for us – we will already present one in February, on the occasion of Beer&Food Attraction in Rimini, linked to the world of mixing – but also of consolidation and improvement of what has been done so far, to being able to look to the future with an organization and professionalism capable of best supporting the centuries-old tradition that has made our company successful up until today”, the comment of Luca Serena, fifth generation today at the helm of Serena Wines 1881.

Serena Wines 1881, market leader in Prosecco Doc and Docg, is growing: target of 150 million euros in turnover within five years

The managerialization process begins: Francesca Ruffini new Marketing Director

Luca Serena’s objective for the year that has just begun is to combine the increase in volumes – with a forecast of around 28 million 0.75 l bottles and just under 50,000 hl of total kegs – with a managerialization process which, thanks to contribution of specific skills and know-how and an increasingly widespread global vision, favors the management and renewal of the company as well as the search for new development opportunities for it.

This project includes the appointment as Marketing Director of Francesca Ruffini, former Marketing Manager of Birra Castello who, thanks to her experience, will guide in a structured and conscious way the path of repositioning and development of the company’s brand awareness and of the individual brands – in particular Serena 1881 – started by the Conegliano giant in recent years.

Confirmed for the new year is the commitment to the hospitality project of Tenuta Ville d’Arfanta with the possibility of combining tours in the vineyard and tasting experiences with an overnight stay in the structure – representing the love that has bound the family for over 140 years Serena to its territory of origin, to tradition and in particular to Prosecco – both the support for the sporting world, a desire now intrinsic to the company that Luca Serena, a sportsman by passion and profession for a period of his life, has never stopped to rationalize and strengthen.

Finally, 2024 will be the third year in which Serena Wines 1881 will produce the sustainability report: “Having reached this point, my desire is that our approach to sustainability becomes increasingly real, even in every small daily gesture as well as in words and on paper. I would like our company to become the spokesperson for concrete and virtuous examples of sustainability”, comments Luca Serena.

Target of 150 million euros in turnover within five years for Serena Wines 1881

Looking to the future, the CEO of the Conegliano company has clear ideas, with the goal set at 150 million euros in turnover within five years.

“If on the one hand we cannot forget where we come from – which is why I believe it is essential to continue to support our historic leadership in the keg sector – on the other, thanks also to that overall look that I intend to consolidate within the company, we will have to broaden our horizons and, while maintaining our essential link with Prosecco, approach the world of wines with a production of still wines that manage to gain success in the international market”, he concludes.

“Prosecco has always been our driving force, but if we want to be far-sighted and prepare for the continuous evolutions of the sector we must necessarily focus on quality still wines”.

An important project which probably, as Luca Serena himself suggests, will make it necessary to make important entrepreneurial choices and structural changes for the company.