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Serena Wines 1881: the latest news waiting for Prowein and Vinitaly


The Serena Wines 1881 calendar kicked off with great success at the fifth edition of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, held from 12 to 14 February 2024 at the Paris Expo (Porte de Versailles). Now, the company will close the first quarter by participating in the international exhibitions at ProWein and Vinitaly. The presence at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris was extremely positive, confirming the ever-growing importance of this event in the European panorama. The company recorded a notable increase in turnover in France in 2023, with an impressive +127%, reaching a total of over 10 million euros. These results, obtained despite the challenges in the French wine sector, highlight a favorable consumption trend for Prosecco Doc and Docg compared to French wines. Nicola Piovesana, Export Manager of Serena Wines 1881, comments with satisfaction on the return from Paris, underlining the importance of the demand for Italian wine, in particular Prosecco, on the French market.

Luca Serena, fifth generation and CEO of the company, confirms his intention to participate in Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris again next year, evaluating possible further related investments.

“Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris is becoming the reference wine fair at European level year after year. The event is very well organised, as well as having perfect timing for the presentation of the products on the various markets. We will certainly confirm our presence again next year, also evaluating further investments related to it”.

Serena Wines 1881: after the great success at the new edition of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, the latest news waiting for Prowein and Vinitaly

After Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris: Serena Wines 1881 heads to Prowein and Vinitaly

Following its success in Paris, Serena Wines 1881 presented its new summer product, Più Spritz The Deer, a light, ready-to-serve aperitif with low alcohol content.

Furthermore, it announced the collaboration with Margherita Srl, a leading company in the production of artisanal frozen pizza, to offer a selection of combinations between Margherita’s pizzas and the wines of the Serena 1881 and Ville d’Arfanta lines, in addition to the Soé Brut, cuvée which is enjoying great success among wine lovers.

Serena Wines 1881: after the great success at the new edition of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, the latest news waiting for Prowein and Vinitaly

The first quarter will end with the participation of Serena Wines 1881 in Prowein and Vinitaly, two of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to the wine sector. Here, the company will present new innovations related to its brands and will focus on consolidating its market position.

The growth of Serena Wines 1881 is supported by an informal and high-quality approach that has conquered international markets, with a 4.5% increase in turnover in 2023 and the opening of six new countries. Francesca Ruffini, Marketing Manager of the company, highlights the importance of consolidating the positioning of brands and investing in targeted communication and distribution strategies.

“The objective in the coming years will be to consolidate the positioning of our brands, Serena 1881 first and foremost. In addition to the definition of a communication strategy and the choice of the most suitable distribution channels, increasing investments will be made both on the Italian market and in some countries considered more strategic, with communication activities both above and below the line”.