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Sicilian wines: the final judgment on the 2023 vintage

Essentiality, cleanliness, clarity and definition: this is the final judgment on the 2023 vintage of the Sicilian wines. The “Less is more” style defined, in fact, the latest harvest, as explained in the report by Mattia Filippi of Uva Sapiens.

The 2023 vintage of Sicilian wines: the final judgment in the report by Mattia Filippi of Uva Sapiens

A performing harvest, the 2023 vintage, on a qualitative and organoleptic profile. Sicilian producers have given their best through their know-how, focusing on the varietal richness and diversity of the Sicilian areas, showing their ability to manage the complex and challenging climatic situation. Despite the reduction in quantity, with a drop of 34.48% (total DOC and IGT production) compared to last year, identity, territory and quality win.

“From the 2023 vintage we will drink red wines with a strong identity, white wines with a complex aromatic profile, native vines increasingly faithful to the territory, international ones with a new and interesting profile”: this is the conclusion of Mattia Filippi, co-founder of Uva Sapiens , a company that deals with wine consultancy.

The wines obtained from the 2023 harvest stand out for their characteristics of essentiality, cleanliness, clarity and definition.

“Less is more” style defined: the 2023 vintage of Sicilian wines. The final judgment in the report by Mattia Filippi of Uva Sapiens

The emblem of this is Grillo, which continues to demonstrate its ability to create wines that evolve positively over time, a vine that performs well in quantity reductions and which in this harvest revealed itself in wines with a broad aromatic spectrum and more tropical notes. pronounced; Catarratto which is increasingly glocal thanks to its great indigenous values (local) that meets the characteristics of international taste (global).

Nero d’Avola, Frappato, Nerello Mascalese and Perricone are establishing themselves as wines of the future by focusing on a style that combines elegance, versatility and freshness.

The big surprise, according to Mattia Filippi’s report, was the wine produced from the Syrah vine, whose grapes demonstrated resistance to weather and climate conditions and a result which, after the harvest, translated into wines with an acid-sugar balance and excellent maturation.

The longest harvest in Italy – 100 days of harvesting – began in the western part of the island, in the first ten days of August, and ended at the end of October in the vineyards of Etna. For a 2023 harvest that in Italy will be remembered as the least productive since 1947.

Sicily, like all central-southern and southern areas of Europe, also suffered drops of 31% compared to the previous year. As in the other regions, these production drops are attributable to the unfavorable weather and climate conditions that occurred in the spring period which favored the spread of downy mildew.