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Some ambitious projects outline a 2024 full of novelties for the Tuscan winery Fattoria della Talosa

Fattoria della Talosa, a Tuscan company whose wines are rightfully among the regional excellences representing the best of Tuscany and Italy, presents a positive balance sheet for the year that has ended. “2023 was a complex year, and despite global challenges, Fattoria della Talosa was the protagonist of an overall increase of 10% compared to the previous year and, despite a slight contraction of 5% of our turnover, financial solidity was maintained with 60% of sales in Italy and the remaining 40% abroad, and for me and for the entire company team, this is a source of pride,” says Edoardo Mottini Jacorossi, CEO of Fattoria della Talosa.

“International markets have appreciated the wines of Fattoria della Talosa, confirming a special relationship with some countries, such as the United States and Switzerland, which have proven to be the best commercial allies of the company, on par with England and Germany. At home, Tuscany shone as the hub of national sales, consolidating the bond with the production territory also thanks to an enotourism development thanks to initiatives in the historic cellar that have decreed its success,” declares Cristian Pepi, commercial director.

International commercial development and ambitious projects outline a 2024 full of novelties for the Tuscany winery Fattoria della Talosa.

Fattoria della Talosa has significantly increased the number of guided tours in the cellar with tastings, responding to the growing demand for authentic experiences and marking a 50% increase compared to the previous year. Also, Villa Talosa, a tourist residence recently renovated among the wonderful vineyards of Fattoria della Talosa, recorded an increase in attendance during the low season, especially in March, November, and December.

Numerous investments and innovations for the modernization of some field equipment and the purchase of new machines and instruments, including a new satellite and isobus tractor, a state-of-the-art weather station with leaf wetness control system, qualitative improvement in the grape reception process thanks to the new Oscillys Vaslin system, and the implementation of a grape collection system in bins. This, together with obtaining a non-repayable grant for the realization of a photovoltaic system covering 100% of the company’s energy needs, reflects the company’s constant commitment and attention to sustainability. To update our customers and strengthen dialogue with wine lovers, in 2023, we created a new website.

Fattoria della Talosa projects itself towards 2024 with a clear and ambitious vision. Edoardo Mottini Jacorossi, CEO of Fattoria della Talosa, comments: “We look at 2023 as a chapter of growth and innovation that has laid solid foundations for the future. We are ready to face 2024 with determination, confident that the foundations laid will lead us towards an even more successful year,” and concludes by stating: “let’s continue together the journey in the world of quality wine.”

International commercial development and ambitious projects outline a 2024 full of novelties for the Tuscany winery Fattoria della Talosa.

With a foreign market showing renewed appreciation for the Nobile di Montepulciano, we expect sustained growth. “The goals and projects for 2024 reflect an ambition for expansion in Italy, with the intent to extend the company’s presence in new regions and consolidate the current one,” comments Cristian Pepi.

Finally, in 2024 the construction site for the exclusive high-level hospitality project, a Luxury Wine Resort Talosa, a luxury and refinement oasis that will include 8 unique suites, a wellness and fitness area, and a space dedicated to gastronomic experiences, will be launched.

About Fattoria della Talosa

Fattoria della Talosa has been a company of Angelo Jacorossi and his family since 1972. Talosa is among the first companies in Montepulciano to have embarked on a quality journey that has brought Vino Nobile di Montepulciano to the heights of Tuscan and therefore Italian oenology. Over the years, in fact, the small winery has grown significantly and today it is a company that produces wines of excellence. The vines of Fattoria della Talosa extend over 33 hectares of vineyard, in one of the most picturesque and scenic areas of the Montepulciano Cru: the Pietrose locality, at an altitude of 330-400 meters above sea level, with a south-west exposure. The oldest aging cellar of Talosa is located in the historic center of Montepulciano, in the basements of Palazzo Tarugi and Palazzo Sinatti, built in the first decades of the 1500s opposite the Duomo of Montepulciano. The entrance to the Historic Cellar of Talosa takes visitors back in time, to the Italian Renaissance, in the 16th century. The galleries, entirely built of brick, alternate in a succession of arches and niches where the barrels are placed.