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The best 10 wines at the Vermentino Grand Prix 2024

The appointment with the best 10 wines made from Vermentino grapes from the Maremma Toscana returns. The Top 10 of the fifth edition of the Vermentino Grand Prix has been revealed. An event promoted by the Consorzio Tutela Vini della Maremma Toscana which celebrates the Vermentino vine and offers the opportunity to highlight the strong personality of the Denomination. Here are the labels selected by the technical jury that will be available for tasting at Vinitaly, where the new vintages and a collective of companies will be presented.

The Top 10 of Vermentino Grand Prix 2024: which are the best wines of the fifth edition

The fifth edition of the Vermentino Grand Prix was held in Castiglione della Pescaia, a competition promoted by the Consorzio Tutela Vini della Maremma Toscana which, for years, has been committed to enhancing the potential of this vine.

“As we know, over 30% of the Maremma Toscana DOC wines are obtained with the Vermentino vine, a very large part presented in purity, which makes Maremma the most important enclave in the region for the production of white wines”, confirms Francesco Mazzei leading the Consortium for almost six years and always convinced that this vine is one of the most important markers of the Denomination.

“Vermentino is a sea vine that finds its natural habitat in Maremma, with different expressive personalities depending on the soil, altitude and distance from the coast. I strongly believe that it can aspire to be compared with the great white and red wines of the world thanks to its complex personality”.

Francesco Mazzei (Ph. Marco Marroni)

As in previous editions, the wines – all Maremma Toscana Doc Vermentino – had a minimum presence of 85% of the grape variety, mostly obtained in purity and only in a few cases with the addition of other varieties such as Viognier, Sauvignon or Trebbiano.

The Top 10 2024 Vermentini Maremma Toscana Doc is made up of, in alphabetical order by company:

Castelprile Prelius 2023, Collemassari Melacce 2023, Guido F.Fendi Chicca 2022, Podere Cirene Cirene 2023, Podere Poggio Bestiale Lépido 2023, Poggio Levante Unné 2020, Rocca Delle Macie Campo Maccione 2023, Tenute Bruni Upupa 2022, Terre dell’Etruria Marmato 2023, Val delle Rose Cobalto 2021 Vermentino Superiore.

The Top 10 of Vermentino Grand Prix 2024: which are the best wines of the fifth edition in Maremma Toscana Doc.
Ph. Marco Marroni

There were 73 wines to be examined, therefore an increase compared to the 2023 edition when there were 60 and, of these, over half came from the most recent vintage, 2023, around 35% were from the 2022 vintage, and a 10 % represented wines from older vintages such as 2019, 2020 and 2021.

There are also more particular types such as those made in egg, cement, amphora, cocciopesto or – albeit a minority – in wood, and wines with the new “Superiore” mention. The Top 10 of Vermentino Grand Prix 2024 reflected the distribution of the samples examined, with six out of 10 wines coming from the most recent vintage and the other four from the 2022, 2021 and 2020 vintages, and one of these with the Superiore mention.

“Vermentino certainly confirms itself as a vine of great character and continually growing in our territory, so much so that in Maremma there are 50% of the hectares cultivated in Tuscany with this variety. Of the over 970 hectares present in our territory, almost 60% are less than 13 years old and over 40% are less than eight years old, so these are relatively young plants”, underlines Luca Pollini, director of the Consortium. “A fascinating variety not only in its young and fresh version, but also in its more complex evolution where it has revealed excellent structure and longevity. It’s always exciting to put it to the test thanks to the Vermentino Grand Prix initiative.”

The Top 10 selected during the Vermentino Grand Prix 2024 will be tasted for the first time at Vinitaly 2024, at the Consortium Stand (Hall 9 Stand B16). Together with the winning labels at the consortium counter there will be 76 wines from 41 different companies to offer an overview of the Denomination.