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The new Diversity Ark certification is ready: Producing Together with Nature

Founded in 2022 by agronomists Stefano Amadeo and Stefano Zaninotti, Diversity Ark is part of the panorama of agricultural certifications and is a real revolution in this sector. In fact, it approaches agriculture with a new philosophy of thought, proposing a holistic vision that aims at fully protecting the biodiversity present in the field, preventing the ecosystem from being irreparably altered by human intervention. The name itself is a declaration of intent, as the two founders of the certification explain: “Ark symbolises a clear reference to Noah’s ark, the first positive example of safeguarding all living species, men and animals, and in our case also plants. The certification mark, applicable on the label, reflects exactly this vision. For life to continue to run its course, everyone’s survival is necessary, each organism is absolutely necessary for the equilibrium and life of all the others.”

Diversity Ark: Producing Together with Nature

The project, registered with EUIPO and certified at the European level by the CSQA Body (Food Safety System Certification Scheme), was created after years of study and collaboration with various agricultural companies and associations of producers.

The project intends to pursue three objectives: to fully respect the biodiversity of the soil and environment through a holistic approach to agriculture. What is aimed at is the all-round protection of the elements that interface with the agricultural process, from the state of well-being of the soil, to the certification of the faunal biodiversity of the plot and the wealth of plants. 

The new Diversity Ark certification is ready: Producing Together with Nature, Not a simple Certification Mark.

The second is the scientific approach to analysis and monitoring, in order to ensure consistency in field checks and rigour in subsequent analyses on the basis of which the reliability of the certification is based. The analyses deal with three aspects of biodiversity: soil sampling, insect and arthropod analysis and the analysis of floristic biodiversity. 

The third fundamental point is to renew and improve the bureaucratic process of the certifications by streamlining the procedures and administrative management, which is often very tricky and complex. Certified companies must comply with an innovative regulation which, among the various aspects, does not allow the use of herbicides and prevents the use of pesticides that are risky for human health.  

Not a simple Certification Mark

Diversity Ark is to date the only certification in Italy that includes a special section within the controls for the presence or absence of plastics in the soil, a problem that is affecting agriculture more and more nowadays. Meticulous care that leads annually to the drafting of a scorecard regarding the quality and degree of naturalness of the cultivated areas, which is based on 10 indicators, the aim of which is to determine the state of health of the soil and crops.

The new Diversity Ark certification is ready: Producing Together with Nature, Not a simple Certification Mark.

Ethical and worthy not only in words, but also in deeds: from June 2023 Diversity Ark, with the entry of the new shareholder and director Luigi Vignaduzzo, has become a Benefit Company, thus marking an evolution of the very concept of the company, integrating into its corporate purpose, in addition to objectives of profit, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere, allocating by statute a part of the profits to developmental projects and cooperation in the agricultural and environmental fields.

The companies that as of today have chosen to undertake the certification process with Diversity Ark are: Le Piane Boca, Az. Agricola Inama Stefano, Az. Agricola Isola Augusta, Az.Agricola Meroi, La Torre alle Tolfe, Vecchie Terre di Montefili, Gradis’ ciutta, Tenuta Stella, Tenuta Luisa, Vinarija Kozlović.