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The Nizza Producers’ Association Closes Out a Record-Breaking 2023

With an increase in sales of +27% compared to 2022 and a total production of 1,050,000 bottles, the Producers’ Association of Nizza closes an unforgettable 2023. There is a great climate of general satisfaction among the companies, all the more so when one considers that the year that is about to come to an end has been a very complex one for Italian reds, which have seen, almost unanimously throughout the Peninsula, a downturn if not an abrupt halt. 

“Nizza DOCG,” explains Association President Stefano Chiarlo, “in this context, represents one of the very few Italian denominations that is instead experiencing a real boom and a continuous ascent that rewards and gives value to the efforts and commitment of the area’s producers who, for a long time now, have been carrying out an inclusive system of collaboration in the name of teamwork”. 

Nizza Docg Phenomenon: the Piedmontese Denomination as a Rising Star among Italy’s Great Reds

Only seven years ago, in 2016, the number of bottles sold was 315,000: since then, there has been a steady annual growth of between 10 and 15% up to this year’s sensational result. “This is a success story that originates both in the promotion activities that we as an association are carrying out with conviction and commitment, and in the meticulous work that the companies are doing to constantly raise the level of quality of the wines through constant sharing and comparison.”

The numbers of this escalation cannot fail to arouse attention: of the 35 producers who were members of the Association in 2016, there are now 100 who claim the denomination, 85 of whom are members of the Association itself for a production of around 150 labels among Nizza DOCG, Nizza Riserva DOCG and Cru.

The Nizza Producers’ Association Closes Out a Record-Breaking 2023 sales: Piedmontese Denomination a Rising Star among Italy's Great Reds.

“The interest shown Nizza DOCG,” Chiarlo continues, “is an interest that goes beyond national borders, just think that the Italian market accounts for 45% while the remainder is sold in over 55 countries around the world. The action taken to elevate and consolidate the product’s ranking has also been fundamental: today we are proud to say that the denomination, although recent, can already be found in quality wine shops and on the wine lists of top restaurants, having nothing to fear from comparison with denominations that have a much longer history and tradition”.

The overall picture, therefore, well justifies the climate of optimism and confidence now animating the producers of Nizza DOCG who, in the wake of the positive development recorded, are planning to expand their product range, starting with Nizza Riserva and Nizza Cru. 

“New products, but also great appreciation of old vintages”, Chiarlo continues. “In fact, the producers have a number of vintages currently on the market, such as 2021, which is rightly considered a 5-star vintage. Then there is the Nizza Riserva 2020, characterised by great balance and smoothness, and the 2019, a vintage with great structure, character and longevity. In addition, the forthcoming 2022 and 2023 vintages, although poor in terms of yield, are proving to be of excellent quality.” 

Interest in the Association is also growing, with new companies understanding the importance of being part of a network whose added value lies precisely in the ability to team up and broaden knowledge, know-how and critical mass. “During this very important year,” Chiarlo concludes, “also in collaboration and synergy with the Regional Wine Cellar for Nizza, we wanted to celebrate the denomination in the best possible way with two key events for our territory: Il Nizza è (Nizza is) and the Nizza Forum, which took place in Turin in November and involved more than 1,000 people including operators, the press and wine lovers who were able to taste professionally and learn more about the nuances of the denomination through dedicated Walk-Around tastings and Masterclasses. The year 2024, now just around the corner, will see us beyond busy with a variety of activities, all of which will have as their lowest common denominator the enhancement and promotion of the excellence of the Nizza denomination in order to confirm, if not further enhance, this success story.”