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The Rancia Chianti Classico signed by Fèlsina becomes a Gran Selezione

Pure Sangiovese, coming from the Poggio a Rancia area in Castelnuovo Berardenga, the Rancia Chianti Classico signed by Fèlsina becomes Gran Selezione. Produced for over 40 years, it emphasizes and enhances the relationship between the vine and the place in which it grows: that hill of Poggio a Rancia which owes its name to the ancient farm that is located on its summit and which over the years has been a casatorre , Benedictine monastery and agricultural company for the storage of grain and seeds (the so-called “Grancia”), used for hospitality centers for travelers passing through this stretch of the Via Francigena.

The grapes that give rise to Rancia are selected from the vineyards in the highest part of the hill between 400 and 420 meters above sea level, an airy and sunny area where the soils are limestone-based and rich in marl and alberese. These particular characteristics give Sangiovese di Rancia unique and recognizable characters, giving life to a wine that is a faithful interpreter of its territory, with hints of tobacco, truffle, smoke and great persistence and vitality.

The story of Rancia, the Chianti Classico of Fèlsina which becomes Gran Selezione

Inside Rancia there is all Fèlsina’s passion for the valorisation of Chianti Classico and its individual peculiarities. The company’s wine, a pure Sangiovese produced in Poggio a Rancia in the UGA Castelnuovo Berardenga, is presented for the first time with the 2021 vintage as a Gran Selezione.

Giovanni Poggiali, at the helm of the company, explains:

“For Fèlsina, Sangiovese is a vocation and the combination of vine and land is an essential element in the history of our company. In the centenary of the Chianti Classico Consortium, we are happy to present our historic label as Gran Selezione, which has become a distinctive and recognizable symbol of deep connection with the territory and maximum attention to quality. The first vintage of Rancia Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Docg will be 2021 and there was no better way to inaugurate this label, given that for us it was one of the best harvests of the last decades”.

Rancia, the Chianti Classico of Fèlsina becomes Gran Selezione. Pure Sangiovese produced in Poggio a Rancia in the UGA Castelnuovo Berardenga

Rancia is, together with Fontalloro, the company’s iconic wine: born in 1983, it has expressed the vision that Fèlsina has of the Denomination and its main grape variety since the first vintage.

The label was in fact one of the first expressions of pure Sangiovese in the territory – when Chianti Classico did not yet contemplate the possibility of obtaining wines exclusively from this vine – the result of mass selections and profound research that the Poggiali family carried out together with oenologist Franco Bernabei.

The choice to present Rancia as a Gran Selezione goes hand in hand with the recent changes made to the Chianti Classico production specification: for this mention the minimum percentage of Sangiovese has been increased to 90% with a maximum of 10% of native grape varieties red and the Additional Geographical Units have been inserted.

The latest updates have thus brought the Gran Selezione closer to the interpretation that Fèlsina has always given of its territory through Sangiovese, committing itself to the protection and valorisation of this vine and focusing on that combination with the territory which is revealed with extreme coherence in the wines of agency.