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Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Wine Group inks partnership with legendary tattoo artist Ami James

Viña San Pedro Tarapacá (VSPT) Wine Group has inked a partnership with legendary tattoo artist Ami James for Ö-61, its new tattoo-inspired wine brand. Ö-61 is inspired by Ötzi, a mummy of a man that lived 5,000 years ago. Who he was and how he lived was revealed by the 61 markings on his skin, the oldest tattoos ever discovered in human history. The company introduced the brand to the US market last year by offering two exquisite red wines priced at $17: an intense 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and an expressive Red Blend composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, and Syrah. The bottles are available in stores nationwide, and multiple restaurants and bars offer them on their menus.

Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Wine Group has inked a partnership with legendary tattoo artist Ami James for Ö-61, its tattoo-inspired wine brand.

After its successful launch, VSPT decided to elevate Ö-61 to new heights in 2024 by partnering with James, who founded Love Hate Tattoo Studio and gained global recognition as a star of the TV show Miami Ink.

“This collaboration aims to highlight the connection between winemaking and tattoos, celebrating both as ancient forms of art. As one of the world’s foremost tattoo artists and a wine enthusiast, Ami James was the ideal partner for the inspiring qualities of Ö-61, its bold and intense flavors. We are incredibly proud and excited that Ami has chosen our Ö-61 wines as his novel muse, propelling his artistry forward,” said Roberto Catalani, VP of Marketing at VSPT U.S.

“Every so often, artisans cross paths, and just as every tattoo unveils a unique tale, so does each bottle crafted by the winemaker of Ö-61. This association reflects how these two worlds converge,” tattoo artist Ami James said.

“This is a one-of-a-kind partnership for the global wine industry, particularly for a South American company. For the upcoming years, Ami James will be our partner, serving as the worldwide voice and face of Ö-61 and leading the brand’s marketing and communications campaigns,” Catalani added.

Get INKspired

The inaugural collaboration between VSPT and Ami James is a digital campaign with a fresh brand motto: “Get INKspired.” It is crafted to be profound, artistic, and meaningful, delving into the intricate stories and efforts behind each tattoo. It aims to highlight their inspirational potential.

The VP of Marketing explained, “We aspire to position Ö-61 not just as wine, but as a beacon of inspiration, propelling people toward the next phase of their lives.”

The campaign targets consumers over 30 who are wine and tattoo enthusiasts. It will launch across multiple digital platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google, and showcase a series of digital ads designed to captivate the audience.

“Our goal is to craft appealing, innovative, and meaningful campaigns to engage and gain the trust of all tattoo enthusiasts in the US and, together, embark on a partnership like no one has ever done in this industry,” Catalani said.

As a key component of the campaign, the company will conduct three consumer sweepstakes throughout the year. Winners will have the exclusive opportunity to have a tattoo session with Ami James.

About Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Wine Group

Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Wine Group is one of the Top 20 global wine producers (17 million cases per year) and is a leader in wine sales in Chile. Sustainability is at the heart of the world-class organization, which is also among the Top 10 producers in Argentina and is an important player in the world of sparkling wines.

The wine group comprises renowned brands with leadership in diverse markets, such as Altaïr, Cabo de Horno Sideral, 1865, GatoNegro, Gran Reserva Tarapacá, and Leyda in Chile and La Celia and Graffigna in Argentina.

About Ami James

Ami James is an Israeli-born American tattoo artist with over 25 years of experience, a TV personality, and an entrepreneur. He is known for his roles in Miami Ink, World Wide Tribe, and First We Take Brooklyn. An old-school tattooer, Ami began his career with traditional apprenticeships, mastering various tattoo genres and specializing in the Japanese style. He has opened several studios, including ‘Love Hate’ and ‘Five Points NYC,’ and has provided valuable apprenticeships to other artists.