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Vinitaly and the 100 Italian wine producers meet Pope Francis

“Wine, land, agricultural skill and entrepreneurial activity are gifts from God, but let us not forget that the Creator has entrusted them to us, to our sensitivity and our honesty, so that we can make of them, as Scripture says, a true source of joy for the heart of man and of every man, not just those who have more possibilities. Thank you then for choosing to inspire your activity with feelings of harmony, help for the weakest and respect for Creation, following the example of Francis of Assisi”. These are the words that the Holy Father Pope Francis addressed to Veronafiere – Vinitaly, to its members and to over 100 wine producers and representatives of sector associations, on the occasion of the private audience granted at the Vatican Apostolic Palace for the day “The economy of Francesco and the world of Italian wine”, promoted by the trade fair.

In his greeting, Pope Francis also highlighted that: “For the number of companies involved, quality of production and impact on employment, yours is certainly a significant reality, both on the Italian and international wine scene, and it is therefore good that you find yourself reflecting together on the ethical aspects and moral responsibilities that all this entails, and that in this you draw inspiration from Saint Francis”.

“The fundamental lines on which you have chosen to move – attention to the environment, work and healthy consumption habits – indicate an attitude focused on respect, at various levels. And respect, in your work, is certainly fundamental: for a quality product, in fact, the application of industrial techniques and commercial logic is not enough; the land, the vine, the cultivation, fermentation and maturing processes require consistency, require attention and require patience”.

The meeting in the Vatican of Veronafiere - Vinitaly and 100 Italian wine producers with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

The meeting in the Vatican of Vinitaly and 100 Italian wine producers with Pope Francis

This is what the president of Veronafiere, Federico Bricolo, commented on the sidelines of the audience in the Vatican with the Holy Father:

“The Hearing, in which we participated thanks to the support of the Diocese of Verona and in particular of the bishop Monsignor Domenico Pompili, represents an event of extraordinary importance for Veronafiere which, through Vinitaly, involves the main protagonists of a sector which more than others expresses a strong bond with our cultural origins”.

“As Pope Francis reminded us – continues Bricolo – we pay homage to wine as a gift from God, a symbol of tradition and of a sustainable economic system from a social and environmental point of view. We reiterate our commitment with Vinitaly to preserve and enhance the oenological heritage of our community, so that wine continues to be an element of social cohesion and openness to dialogue, inspiring a conviviality that unites”.