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Vinitaly goes to South Korea and returns to India

Vinitaly’s internationalization restarts and aims, once again, at Asian markets with the emerging South Korea and the promising market of India. It begins with a preview of the next Vinitaly, which started on June 12th in Seoul and closed today as part of the Wine Exchange, an initiative organized by Ice-Agenzia with the participation of over 50 Italian wineries, for a program that included masterclasses and meetings b2b with more than 350 operators, including South Korean importers, retailers and restaurateurs.

The South Korean market is worth 62 million euros

At High Street Italia, the Made in Italy showroom in the Asian metropolis managed by Ice-Agenzia, Veronafiere aims to reiterate a relationship that has increasingly intensified in recent years, both in Verona – with almost 200 Korean buyers present in the last edition of Vinitaly – both in the capital of South Korea, with events aimed at business and relations with institutions.

According to the Uiv – Vinitaly Observatory, the Republic of Korea represents one of the eastern and global demand markets with the highest potential growth rate. In the last 5 years, wine imports have recorded an overall increase in value of 123%, for a value of 450 million euros in 2023.

The performance of Italian wine was in line with the general trend (+114%) and last year reached a value of 62 million euros with a 14% share of total purchases, in a context in which the player French (187 million euros) and, just above Italy, the United States (71 million euros). In terms of the types consumed, still products stand out among Italian wines, particularly red ones, even if the share reserved for sparkling wines (17%) proves to be more solid than in other Asian areas.

Vinitaly Preview India in New Delhi on November 22nd and 23rd. The South Korea market is worth 62 million euros.

Vinitaly Preview India in New Delhi on November 22nd and 23rd

From an emerging market to a certainly promising one: after 15 years, India returns to Vinitaly’s radar with a two-year plan of initiatives to strengthen Made in Italy winemaking in the Asian country.

The agreement between Veronafiere and the Indian Chamber of Commerce, signed in Verona during the last international wine and spirits exhibition, provides for a series of actions starting from its presentation in Rome on 16 June as part of the India Forum organized by the chamber of commerce when Vinitaly Preview India will be announced in New Delhi on 22 and 23 November.

The format for buyers and the press will then be replicated in various target countries, both European and beyond, in 2025. Objective: to control – with business events – a potential market, especially high-end, dedicated to business tourism which is rapidly growing in the large country Asian.

The autumn stages of the constantly updated promotional calendar by Veronafiere and Vinitaly in favor of Italian wine have also been made official: Vinitaly China Roadshow (Shanghai, Xian and Guangzhou 2-6 September), Vinitaly USA (Chicago, 20 and 21 October), Vinitaly Wine Vision (Belgrade, 22-24 November), Vinitaly Asia Roadshow (Singapore 2 December and Tokyo 4 December). Furthermore, Vinitaly, in agreement with Ice-Agenzia, will also be present at the Wine Exchange events scheduled in Japan with stops in Osaka (7 October) and Tokyo (9 October).