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VinoTastr Empowers Wine Consumers Through Science

VinoTastr is launching a discovery kit that helps people choose wines based on personal taste sensitivities leading to increased confidence in the wine aisle. “Wine tasting notes can only tell you what a wine tastes like according to the writer of the note; they can’t tell you if the wine will suit you.  VinoTastr gives you the confidence to explore wines best suited to your palate,” says VinoTastr Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder Henry Barham, MD. Within minutes of testing, VinoTastr identifies one of five unique profiles in a fun and engaging way.

“People love the interactive aspect of the VinoTastr test and discovering their personal profile – Sweet Avenger, Savory Crusader, Body Advocate, Balance Ambassador, or Tannin Champion. The VinoTastr discovery kit is a perfect gift of knowledge for everlasting wine enjoyment,” states Barham.

The VinoTastr discovery kit: the Science Behind the Sip

Backed by a decade of taste receptor research by Dr. Barham, VinoTastr’s at-home discovery kit measures the current expression of individual taste receptors using four specific taste testing strips and a web-based scoring algorithm that reveals individual taste sensitivities to bitterness, sweetness, flavor, and body.

It is through Barham’s research that VinoTastr narrowed down these influential receptors. An individual’s sensitivities to bitterness, sweetness, flavor, and body closely align with known wine characteristics such as tannins, astringency, residual sugar, and alcohol levels. VinoTastr then recommends wines that account for these taste sensitivities and known wine characteristics.

In addition to the test results, VinoTastr supports a community of wine lovers with frequently updated wine recommendations for each profile.

VinoTastr Empowers Wine Consumers Through Science launching the new discovery kit: the Science Behind the Sip.

“People new to wine are often intimidated by an abundance of choices when selecting wines or turned off by recommendations from others. For many, it’s a light-bulb moment when they learn what wines will best suit their palate,” said Eddie Pitre, VinoTastr Chief Research Officer.

“VinoTastr discovery kits allow everyone to discover wines that best suit their palate. We’ve built on science and thrive through innovation to advance taste technology. Our mission is to help people choose wine with greater confidence,” notes Pitre. 

About the world’s first wine taste technology company

VinoTastr, the world’s first wine taste technology company, is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. Its technology is based on medical research and studies led and published by Dr. Henry Barham in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), National Geographic, and various other publications on specific cell surface receptors responsible for certain taste qualities.

VinoTastr offers customized sales integration solutions for wineries, tasting rooms, retailers, and distributors.