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Welcome to Casa Valdo: the new Country House of the Bolla family in Valdobbiadene

Almost on the threshold of its centenary, a symbol of Valdobbiadene since 1926 has chosen to set up home in the heart of the dream landscape of the hills now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a project that goes far beyond the idea of ​​wine tourism that has been developed, which combines the warmth of the domestic hearth with the protection of a territory, thanks to what is also configured as a true oasis of biodiversity. In this 2024, spring brought with it the official opening of the doors of Casa Valdo. A place that first of all writes a new chapter in the winemaking and entrepreneurial history of the Bolla family. Because it is precisely the president of Valdo Spumanti who first insisted that the one and a half hectare vineyard with adjoining farmhouse acquired in 2015 be transformed into something more.

“At the time”, explains Pierluigi Bolla to WineCouture, “we were already creating a Classic Method: Number 10. With the acquisition of the vineyard, the choice was not only to create a second production, which however refined on the yeasts for 24 months, but also to give shape to a Prosecco library, recovering the historical clones of the Valdobbiadene vines linked to the winemaking tradition of the area”.

Precisely the Vigna Pradase, a historically recorded toponym, Valdobbiadene Docg Brut single vineyard which appeared for the first time with the 2017 vintage, represented the first sprout of a project destined to blossom and flourish as the years passed.

Welcome to Casa Valdo: the new Country House of the Bolla family in Valdobbiadene that goes beyond the idea of ​​wine tourism.

A project that goes beyond the idea of ​​wine tourism: how Casa Valdo was born, a new chapter in the winemaking and entrepreneurial history of the Bolla family

The Bolla family signs a project in Valdobbiadene that goes beyond the idea of ​​wine tourism. Born with the idea of ​​creating a guesthouse for passing customers and partners, Casa Valdo soon transformed into something different. “An elegant Country House with six rooms available, to be precise, which immediately obtained the five lions, the highest rating obtainable in the Venetian regional classification which regulates this type of accommodation intended for hospitality”, underlines Bolla. “Whoever comes here, even if they pay, is as if they were entering our house”.

This is the spirit that defines the features of an experience that has the “taste” of the Bolla family as its guiding star. Each room, one of a kind, has a different inspiration and bears the name of the most prized Valdo Spumanti labels: Numero 10, Fondatore, Pradase, Boj, Marca Oro and 1926. Equipped with every comfort to make every stay a unique experience and regenerating, they are warm and welcoming, decorated in pastel tones combined with natural and modern materials.

“To stay in terms of bubbles, I would define Casa Valdo as a perfect wine tourism cuvée that combines the typical hospitality of my family – with attention to every detail, where even some antiques come from one of our country houses – with a concept of expressive cuvée of oenological experience”, highlights the president of Valdo Spumanti.

A new project, this one promoted by the historic company, which fits perfectly into an area, such as Conegliano Valdobbiadene, today among the most popular and growing destinations for wine tourism. A scenario in which Casa Valdo is inserted as a privileged point of support to start a visit to the hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including tastings and outdoor activities such as bike tours, trekking and walks through the vineyards.

But not only that, nearby you can visit various places in the Treviso area rich in art and culture: Asolo, Possagno with Canova’s plaster cast gallery, Follina and the city of Treviso itself. It is an all-round wine tourism project, as mentioned, that develops around the ancient nineteenth-century farmhouse and its six rooms, including two junior suites, overlooking rows that outline the contours of an oasis of biodiversity. In addition to the vineyard, in fact, a garden of lavender, flowers and plants typical of the pre-Alpine hilly area envelops Casa Valdo with scents.

But it is the “Prosecco library” which stands at the heart of the property that is the peculiarity that makes the wine relais unique. The vineyard that embraces the structure has a special historical and symbolic value, due to the knowledge and cultural heritage it preserves: ancient and native clones of Glera grapes and also of Verdiso, Bianchetta and Perera, now rare in the Denomination, recovered and put to use mansion. A place that for Valdo Spumanti is a source of inspiration, research, confirmation but also of continuous discoveries. Like the one that led to the birth of the vintage Classic Method Vigna Pradase Valdobbiadene Docg Brut, a very special cuvée which includes a blend of 85% Glera Tonda and Glera Lunga and 15% Verdiso, Bianchetta and Perera: a true rarity, produced in limited quantities and dedicated to the most passionate connoisseurs.

Welcome to Casa Valdo: the new Country House of the Bolla family in Valdobbiadene that goes beyond the idea of ​​wine tourism.
Ph. Stefano Scatà