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What are the best Italian Pinot Noir of the 2021 vintage

The ranking of the best Italian Pinot Noir returns as tradition and this year rewards the 2021 vintage. While waiting for the 2024 edition of the Pinot Noir Days, scheduled from Friday 10th to Monday 13th May, the Competition has already announced its winners . A jury made up of oenologists, sommeliers and sector journalists from all the participating wine regions has decided which are the best Italian Pinot Noir of the 2021 vintage. At the top of the podium, we find Elena Walch’s Pinot Noir Ludwig, followed in second place from the Pinot Noir Riserva Vom Lehm of Tenuta Rohregger, while in third place is the Pinot Noir Arthur Rainer of Tenuta Seeperle on a par with the Pinot Noir Riserva Linticlarus of Tiefenbrunner. Closing out the Top 5 in Italy is the Pinot Noir DeSilva Private Reserve from Tenuta Peter Sölva.

Also reaching the final were Pinot Noir wines from Castelfeder, Pfitscher, St. Quirinus, Cantina Kurtatsch, Cantina Girlan, Cantina Tramin, Erste+Neue, Castel Sallegg, Rametz, Tenuta Volpare, Cantina Kaltern, Cantina Bozen, Colterenzio, Cantina Merano, Vivallis , Spessa Castle, Salurnis, Maso Poli, Kollerhof Estate, Stroblhof Estate, Himmelreich.

What are the best Italian Pinot Noir of the 2021 vintage. At the top of the podium, we find Elena Walch's Pinot Noir Ludwig.

The best Italian Pinot Noir for each region of Italy

In addition to the five best wines of the year, the tasting jury also awarded the best Pinot Noir for each region of Italy: for the Aosta Valley Grosjean Vins, for the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region Castello di Spessa, for Lombardy Conte Vistarino, for Piedmont Bricco Maiolica, for Tuscany Fattoria San Felo, for Trentino Tenuta Volpare, for Umbria Azienda Agricola Poggio Petroso, for Veneto Borgo Stajnbech and for Alto Adige Elena Walch.

This year too, the competition was led by Marc Pfitscher, vice-president of the organizing committee, while the evaluation was once again entrusted to Ulrich Pedri of the Laimburg Testing Center.

This year, over 100 wines from nine Italian wine regions participated in the competition. On the occasion of the tasting open to the public which will be held at the ancient medieval hostel in Laghetti it will be possible to taste all 102 labels.

To participate, however, it is necessary to book a place via the Pinot Noir Days homepage. “Visitors and visitors greatly appreciate the opportunity to taste and compare this great variety of Pinot Noir from a single vintage and from the most diverse wine regions; it is a unique opportunity to compare terroir, traditions and styles”, says Ines Giovanett, president of the Alto Adige Pinot Noir Days.