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Wisconsin Based Von Stiehl Winery Trademarks Ai For Wines

In a state known more for cheddar than Chardonnay, Wisconsin based Von Stiehl Winery produces wines from grapes grown in California and Washington and is now introducing a new scheme to bring AI (artificial intelligence) to the science of winemaking.

Brad Schmiling, winery co-owner with his brother Aric of von Stiehl Winery, explained that “technology has helped advance wine quality immensely in the last few decades, now we want to see if AI can help us raise the flavor bar even higher.”

But AI requires human taste buds and the input of personal preferences to make recommendations. Schmiling admits that wine preferences are subjective, and winemaking is complicated by several factors. The winery plans to use two baseline wines to gather feedback, which it will utilize as input for new wines to be blended based on Artificial Intelligence output.

Schmiling acknowledged the idea launched and took off fast. “We trademarked AI for wines, then proceeded to figure out what to do with it. We blended wines from 2022, and released them in the summer of 2023,” he said. “Now we’re seeking feedback and comments on these wines to input to AI. Our new wine will be blended according to the interpretation of suggestions for v2.0.”

Wisconsin Based Von Stiehl Winery Trademarks artificial intelligence For Wines: Wine Consumers Feedback Will Guide v2.0 AI White and AI Red.

Von Stiehl Winery: Wine Consumers Feedback Will Guide v2.0 of AI White and AI Red

Von Stiehl winery began in 1967, with a focus on heritage and tradition. It has since evolved using cutting-edge technology along with the rest of the wine industry. The Schmiling brothers recognize that embracing AI is risky, but they’re fascinated with the potential: “There’s no running from technology,” says winemaker Aric, “we’re open to the possibilities and to including others in the journey to see how AI can help wine evolve into v2.0 and beyond.”

Von Stiehl Winery is inviting wine consumers to get involved in merging the wine and technology worlds by participating with critical input on the next wine release.

The current AI White and AI Red wines are $16.49 each and available for purchase online at Tasters can sample each wine, then return to the website again to rate the wines. Data collection will conclude on January 15, 2024. The new blends will be released on April 15, 2024, when participants will be able to purchase the wines and taste the evolution and AI influence.

Von Stiehl Winery was founded in Algoma, Wisconsin by Dr. Charles Stiehl, a local physician. He sold the business to Bill and Sandy Schmiling in 1981; their sons, Aric and Brad, purchased it in 2003. Von Stiehl offers traditional vinifera wines from West Coast sourced grapes, French-hybrid and cherry wine from local Door County fruit, hard ciders, and spirits distilled from Wisconsin grains and fruit. Their annual wine production is 90,000 gallons.