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Yulin Kuang and Maison Louis Jadot Reveal the Perfect Twist to Elevate Beach Reads this Summer

Today, esteemed Burgundy wine house and maker of the #1 selling red and white French wine in America, Maison Louis Jadot, announced a collaboration with visionary filmmaker and emerging romance author Yulin Kuang just in time for summer. As the sun invites book lovers outdoors, Yulin and Louis Jadot have teamed up to create a unique pairings guide that matches Louis Jadot wines with Yulin’s recommended “beach reads” to elevate every summer reading occasion, from serene sunsets on the beach to relaxing afternoons by the pool or lively book club discussions beside a backyard bonfire.

“Exploring the intricacies of love through writing is a passion of mine, and romance novels have always fallen at the top of my summer reading list. Partnering with Maison Louis Jadot has been an authentic way for me to extend this exploration into another sensory dimension,” said Yulin Kuang. “Each wine and book pairing complements the characters, settings and storylines of my favorite novels and top recommendations for this summer.”

Yulin Kuang and Maison Louis Jadot, esteemed Burgundy wine house, Reveal the Perfect Twist to Elevate Beach Reads this Summer

With an impressive storytelling background, Yulin recently published her debut novel, “How to End a Love Story,” while working on the highly anticipated film adaptations of bestselling titles from fellow romance author Emily Henry. During a season when many readers are drawn to the enchanting escapism of love stories, pairing a captivating romance novel with a refreshing glass of Louis Jadotwine creates the perfect setting for solo relaxation or spirited discussions with friends.

“Summer is an ideal time for romance reads, and as the #1 selling red and white French wine in America, no one knows a good love story better than fans of Louis Jadot. America loves Jadot for its timeless appeal, making it the perfect companion to Yulin’s romance-filled reads—a genre that many book lovers are drawn to each summer,” said Jennifer Fritz, Brand Director for Maison Louis Jadot. “This campaign serves as a delightful reminder that summer is the ideal time to unwind with the help of a lovely novel and a perfectly paired glass of wine.”

Yulin’s complete pairings list, featuring her top eight recommended summer beach reads and corresponding Louis Jadot wine selections, is available on her Instagram.

Yulin Kuang and Maison Louis Jadot, esteemed Burgundy wine house, Reveal the Perfect Twist to Elevate Beach Reads this Summer

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