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The Marilisa Allegrini group is born: Lady Amarone becomes a brand

Starting from her career (more than forty years of experience in the world of wine which makes her an international icon), from the numbers generated thanks to her entrepreneurial vision (she started with a turnover of 100 thousand euros, bringing it to 30 million in 2023) or from the three estates that she carefully chose and developed in Veneto and Tuscany (Villa Della Torre in Fumane, Poggio Al Tesoro in Bolgheri, San Polo in Montalcino), the story of Marilisa Allegrini – Lady Amarone, the first Italian wine woman to conquer the cover of prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator (2017), also named Cavaliere del Lavoro in 2020 – represents a unique example for courage, tenacity, tireless desire to look to the future and the new. This is confirmed by the birth of his new family group, announced today in Milan with a special unveiling of the brand, which is not surprisingly called “Marilisa Allegrini”. A name which, due to its identity and recognisability, is already in fact an international brand.

The Marilisa Allegrini group is born: Lady Amarone becomes a brand with Villa Della Torre, Poggio Al Tesoro and San Polo.

Her story therefore continues, or rather evolves, with an unpublished chapter in which she is the protagonist together with her two daughters, Carlotta and Caterina, and in her beloved “homes” in Fumane, Bolgheri and Montalcino.

“I present with pride and emotion this reality which will see our entire family committed day after day to giving continuity and value to our history of producers and entrepreneurs deeply in love with the territory and Italian culture. This group contains a set of values and resources: the family, the territories of great vocation, the love for art, attention to environmental sustainability, the privilege of experience in knowing how to read the evolution of the markets . The goal is to continue to safeguard and improve the art of wine production, respecting tradition and embracing innovation, as my dad taught me. Doing it together with my daughters, with their gaze towards the future and their energy, is a dream come true” explains Marilisa Allegrini, who is President and CEO of the new group.

Under the new corporate brand, the three historic family brands coexist, three companies strongly desired by Marilisa Allegrini which over the years have embodied the essence of the lands in which they are rooted, becoming authentic and exclusive spokespersons:

  • Villa Della Torre: sixteenth-century residence in the municipality of Fumane and one of the most important monuments of the Italian Renaissance. Purchased by Marilisa Allegrini in 2008 and subsequently restored and implemented with luxury hospitality in 2015, it is the Group’s headquarters. The winery extends over 25 hectares (15 in Valpolicella in the municipality of Fumane, 10 in Lugana in the municipality of Pozzolengo);
  • Poggio Al Tesoro: the Group’s Bolgheri estate, founded in 2001, today one of the largest by extension of the denomination. It extends over 100 hectares of which 64 are under vineyards, divided into four different farms (Via Bolgherese, Chiesina di San Giuseppe, Le Sondraie, Valle di Cerbaia);
  • San Polo: estate in Montalcino acquired in 2007. It is located in the south-eastern area of Montalcino on the San Polo hill in the Podernovi area, it extends over 22 hectares in total, 16 under vineyards, of which 8 are suitable for the production of Brunello.

Maintaining faith in their own origins and identities, the three realities are now composing a new eco-system by proposing an unprecedented round trip between Veneto and Tuscany to discover Valpolicella, Lugana, Bolgheri and Montalcino. A multi-voiced dialogue that aims to integrate the world of wine with that of tourism, shining a light on the experience that knowledge of the territory and viticulture can offer. A way to tell the whole world about the uniqueness of the Italian cultural heritage.

With a turnover of just over 10 million euros Marilisa Allegrini Srl, which exports to 62 countries in the world, including the United States, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany, has 105 hectares of vineyards in production (64 in Bolgheri, 16 in Montalcino, 15 in Valpolicella and 10 in Lugana) and a current total of 840 thousand bottles produced of which 550 thousand in Poggio Al Tesoro, 250 thousand in San Polo and 40 thousand in Villa Della Torre. A figure, the latter, which will undergo a notable increase, as the President herself explains, also confirming important investments on the hospitality side:

“Thanks to the total acquisition of the vineyard surrounding Villa Della Torre and the addition of further vineyards that will come into production this year, Villa Della Torre will produce 200 thousand bottles. In general, if we look at the next five years and consider all the projects also relating to hospitality in Tuscany, we expect to double our turnover”.

Marilisa Allegrini, the Brand and the Team: the debut at Vinitaly 2024

The new brand is designed by NSG Design: it stands out for its classic, elegant but innovative and fresh style. It will be present on the labels of Villa Della Torre wines starting from Amarone 2020, Valpolicella 2021 and Lugana 2022. Marilisa Allegrini’s signature, already present on the bottles of Poggio Al Tesoro, will also characterize those of San Polo.

The launch of the new corporate brand is also accompanied by the birth of the new Group website, developed by The Branding Crew. The user will be able to learn about all three company realities through the direct connection to each respective site. The one in Villa Della Torre was also renewed and implemented for the occasion. We also highlight the presence of a shared online wineshop.

Supporting Marilisa Allegrini as vice presidents are her two daughters Carlotta and Caterina respectively brand ambassador and marketing and communication director, and their father Giancarlo Mastella also vice president and former director of Villa Della Torre.

The Marilisa Allegrini group is born: Lady Amarone becomes a brand with Villa Della Torre, Poggio Al Tesoro and San Polo.

The operational team, which will be further expanded, confirming the great attention that Cav has always paid. Work Allegrini focuses on competence and managerialism, is made up of Vittorina Caceffo and Marrico Toni for general coordination, Saverio De Luca as foreign sales director and Michele Susini as Italian sales director. They are joined by Robin Shay, Export Manager for the American market.

Not only. Testifying to the attention paid to the quality of the production and the identity of the individual wineries is the renewed choice to have three winemakers in the team, and not just one figure: Tobia Cenzato for Villa Della Torre, Riccardo Fratton for San Polo and Christian Coco for Poggio Al Tesoro. Supported for Tuscan companies by the experience of Luca D’Attoma, who guarantees constant control as well as total dedication to the lands of reference.

The Italian distribution of Villa Della Torre wines remains the responsibility of Pellegrini Distribuzione while that of Tuscan wines will be managed internally.

For abroad, where the Group wants to broaden its presence by expanding into all the most attractive markets, an alliance has been signed with Edoardo Freddi International, the leading export management company in the wine sector. Common objective to spread the best of Italian oenology on an international scale by activating even more important projects with Villa Della Torre and with the two Tuscan realities.

The Marilisa Allegrini group will make its official debut at Vinitaly 2024 where it will be present with a stand in pavilion 9 (area C10).